SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Californians could order up some pot with their cotton candy and corn dog at the county fair if a budget trailer bill becomes law. Senate Bill 94 brings the rules and regulations for medical marijuana and recreational marijuana together. In doing so, there is some language in […]

California Law Could Open Door To Marijuana At County Fairs

SWAMI AND NIKKI AT THIS YEAR’S 420 CELEBRATION IN GOLDEN GATE PARK/PHOTO COURTESY SWAMI SELECT t’s easy to sit around and complain about how difficult it is to morph from outlaw pot farmer to regulated and legal craft cannabis cultivator. We are currently engulfed by a tidal wave of taxes […]

Cannabis: It’s Getting Better All the Time

An installer putting in a drip irrigation line at Harborside Farms, a large marijuana grower in California’s Salinas Valley. CreditJim Wilson/The New York Times By THOMAS FULLER APRIL 15, 2017 SALINAS, Calif. — This vast and fertile valley is often called the salad bowl of the nation for the countless heads […]

Marijuana Goes Industrial in California

Reports have pit the industries against each other, but experts say the two crops are better companions than rivals. Saturday 04/15/2017 by Zach Harris In Northern California, weed and wine rule the land. With cannabis legalization officially on the books though, and a regulated retail market on the near horizon, […]

Despite the Prospect of Local Competition, California Wine Growers Are ...

How to Safely Introduce Cannabis Clones Into Your Garden Clones can be an easy and efficient way to introduce new genetics into your garden. Whether you’re looking for a proven strain to deliver consistent flavor and yield or are hunting for a cut of some rare “clone-only” phenotype, bringing home […]

Part 2 How to Safely Introduce Cannabis Clones Into Your ...!%20%5BVideo%5D.mp4

Video on the History of Cannabis

Local glassblowers step into the weed paraphernalia industry as marijuana gains acceptance Behind a nameless storefront near Oak Park’s boutiques, a cracked door revealed a flame at 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It was the same flame that had seduced Kaspian Khalafi into a lifestyle and passion that soon became a profitable […]

Passing the torch

You may drink your locally sourced tea out of a Mason jar, have gone vegan and hung up your car keys in an effort to combat climate change, but have you estimated the carbon footprint of that dab? Let’s break it down. The average dab — a form of highly […]

Cannabis and Carbon